Spicy HIIT Yoga (Englisch) im Studio

Mittwochs 18:00 - 19:15 Uhr Level 1 - 2

  • 1 Stunde 15 Minuten


You can expect a mood-boosting mix-up of yoga, HIIT, and modern meditation. This amped-up yoga practice uses cardio and beat-based sequences to get your heart pumping, your muscles burning, and your body soaked in sweat. Each class uses a heart-centered theme to explore your inner self through the practice. Level 1: For beginners and experienced. Teaching the basics of yoga and instructions for a healthy physical alignment of the basic asanas. The body is strengthened and mobilized. Level 2: For the experienced. A quick sequence of asanas is practiced. The effect is power from movement and joy in this energetic state.

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